about us

Our Story

Corse Automotive was founded in 2015 and then taken over by the two current owners—Rob and Mike—whose goal is to take the facility to the next level. Corse Automotive started as an independent repair facility and a more cost-effective alternative to most dealerships and major chain shops. Here, we prioritize our customers’ needs and make sure they have the best experience possible. At Corse Automotive, you are more than just a name on an invoice.

Rob and Mike aim to make Corse Automotive a friendly place where we do more than just fix cars—we want to create a community where everyone feels welcome and at home. As a licensed technician with over 25 years of experience, Rob brings incredible automotive repair skills and body and paint services to the table. At the same time, Mike brings forth his extensive real-world business experience and unwavering dedication to quality customer service. They’ve not only repaired thousands of vehicles but have also established a reputation built on honesty, trust, and service.

Welcome to Corse Automotive—a place of community, honest advice, and outstanding services at affordable prices.

Our Vision

Our vision at Corse Automotive is for all our clients to leave our humble automotive shop entirely satisfied. By making sure to handle vehicles with the utmost care and precision, we strive to create an environment of trust and honesty.

Our Goal

Corse Automotive’s goal is to build long-lasting relationships with our customers and gain their confidence. We want our clients to understand the reasoning behind every diagnosis and recommended solution and be sure that only the best, most qualified technicians will work on their vehicles.

Our Used Car Sales

Take a look at our used cars, and find one that’s perfect for you!
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